Bankruptcy Court (Memphis, Tennessee)
Tennessee Bar Association

Memphis Bar Association
Legal Information Institute – Bankruptcy Law and Related Links
ABI World – Bankruptcy Information and Resources

ABI World – Bankruptcy Opinions

The United States Constitution, courtesy of Emory University
United States Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit
Shelby County Government

Tennessee State Home Page, with links to most state agencies

Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs

Better Business Bureau, Mid-South
National Assoc’n of Consumer Advocates
Information on all sorts of consumner issues (debt collection; credit reporting; student loans; automobile warranties; truth in lending; etc.), as well as an Attorney Finder link to help you find the right kind of attorney anywhere in the country.
Nat’l Assoc’n of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys
Lots of good information about bankruptcy, and an Attorney Finder link to help you search for a bankruptcy lawyer in any part of the country.